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All your services under one roof!

Centre Management

The Centre Management Office is located on Level 1 (upstairs) at the Target end of the building. The Office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm.

Phone: (03) 9547 6088.

Customer Service Desk

Waverley Gardens has a Customer Service Information Desk, adjacent to Tattslotto. Our friendly staff are happy to help you in relation to directions, retailers and transport information, lost property, mobility services, kiddie cart hire and so much more! 

Parents Rooms

Waverley Gardens now has two modern Parents Rooms. One is located just near the Food Court toilets, and the other is located near the toilets at the Target end of the centre. Both have private feeding cubicles, change tables, nappy bins, toilets (including smaller toilets for smaller people), microwave ovens for heating bottles, and children's activity centres.

Both of the Waverley Gardens Parents Rooms have been awarded 5 star accreditation by the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

Disabled Facilities

Waverley Gardens has two disabled toilets, one near the Food Court, and one at the Target end of the Centre. Wheelchair hire is available from Nova Pharmacy for a nominal fee (ID will be required).

Lost Property

If you have lost something whilst in the Centre, please contact Centre Management. If you find something whilst in the Centre that has been lost by someone else, please hand it to Centre Management, a cleaner, security guard, or to any of our shops.

Casual Mall Leasing

Short-term Mall Hire is available at Waverley Gardens. For details contact Centre Management, or visit our leasing page for more details.

Buses and Taxis

All buses at Waverley Gardens stop at the Hansworth Street end of the Centre. The Taxi Rank is located on the upper level of the Police Road carpark, just near Vegas Club.